Resource [US] Bloodborne Starter Save {PS4}
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• Level 999
• Max Souls / Blood Echoes
• 99 All Stats
• 99,999 HP
• 99,999 Stamina


]Blood Vial E803
Antidote 4C04
Beast Blood Pellet 5604
Bold Hunter’s Mark 7805
Bone Marrow Ash 3205
Bullets 8403
Blood Bullets 8503
Coldblood Dew (1)E605
Thick Coldblood EB05
Madman’s Knowledge DC05
Oil Urn C404
Pebbles CE04
Pungent Blood Cocktail EC04
Shining Coins 8205
Throwing Knives D804Blood Stone Shard B80B
Twin Blood Stone Shards C20B
Blood Stone Chunk CC0B
Blood Rock D60B

Ritual Blood (1) 581B
Ritual Blood (2) 591B
Ritual Blood (3) 5A1B
Ritual Blood (4) 5B1B
Ritual Blood (5) 5C1B

Tomb Mould (1) 6C1B
Tomb Mould (2) 6D1B
Tomb Mould (3) 6E1B
Tomb Mould (4) 6F1B

Coldblood Flower Blulb 651B

Living String 201C
Arcane Haze 8A1B
Pearl Slug BC1B
Red Jelly C61B
Sage’s Wrists D01B
Inflicted Organ DA1B
Yellow Backbone DB1B
Bastard of Loran E41B


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